White Leather Jacket

My Great Discovery
We were 4 sisters and had only 1 brother. We were very conscious for our brother. He was like prince for us. He was so caring for sisters and parents and had all good habits. One day my brother told me that he liked white leather jacket. I tried to get it but couldn't find stylish white leather jacket. we lived in small town and there was no big shopping mall. I called to my friend she told me to visit leathermall for stylish white leather jacket heartily.

White Leather Jacket
I really like this combination in white leather jacket. I wondered in market but all shop managers told me we have white leather jacket. I said ok but give it to me in ladies size. There was no available for women body. I don't know why I was going to crazy for this. I decided to stitch myself. It was bit difficult. I opened laptop for design search when suddenly open leathermall. I was surprised to see perfect size. All white leather jacket but also available in women size

Husband Requested For White Leather Jacket
My husband told me that he liked white leather jacket. I informed him that white color is not for men but he replied I like it. I decided to purchase white leather jacket. I was well aware that I can't get this white leather jacket from my market. I called to mother and said to visit market. He called me after 2 days and said there is also unavailable. I opened leathermall and start to check sizes in white color. I found very good white leather jacket in men collection

I Needed 100 White Leather Jacket
I had my convocation. It was very good day when we all friends get together for registration. My best friend was gold medalist and got merry as well just before 2 days. His wife was so beautiful and shy. I decided to give gifts all my fellows. I thought that I must give same gifts. I opened leathermall and sent email to manager and requested for concession. He accepted I choose very beautiful white leather jacket. I received all after 2 days. I packed it and gave to all